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Mr. Potato Head has been, and is, one of the classic nostalgic toys remembered by my parents, myself, and even my own children. For several generations, this spud of the toy world has not only endured, but grown more popular than ever! From the earliest playsets of the 1950's, to the 50th anniversary limited editions of 2002, there is something about this potato that appeals to nearly everyone. But even fans of this tater rarely realize the scope that he has in today's world.

    When I started this project, I knew that Mr. Potato Head was big. But I never knew I would uncover hundreds of playsets and licensed products that are so deeply embedded in our society, that many go unnoticed.

    This webpage explores the history and wide scope of Mr. Potato Head products over the last 50 YEARS! Each decade has it's own significant role in Potato Head history. And as you will see, Mr. Potato head even plays a role more than once in our history! I hope you find this information useful in your collecting! So go ahead, play with your food. You are only limited by your imagination!

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I do not sell the items on this page. This site is for collector reference and information only. cannot order items from this site.  I love to answer questions from collectors. Feel free to email me if you have questions about parts, sets, where to buy, history, collecting stories, info about new items, stuff you want to add to my collection, or just to say Hi. But I usually don't have time to answer the "how much is my potato head worth" questions. I get that all the time, and frankly what it's worth to me might not be the same for anyone else. Ebay is a great place to track what Potato Heads are "worth".  Thanks for visiting and Enjoy!

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