The Potato Head Kids Clubhouse and Schoolhouse are difficult to find with all of the accessories. In addition to numerous doors, windows and fences, each came with an exclusive Potato Head Kid. Buster the Builder was sold with the clubhouse, Whiz Kid was sold with the school.

Item # 4403-Hasbro Potato Head Kids Clubhouse. A great 2 story accessory featuring ladder, fence, go-cart and removable faces that go on the door. Buster the Potato Head Kid was only available with this set-Playskool, ca. 1986

Item # 4302-Potato Head Kids School House. Features removable faces that make it look like it's alive.  Whiz Kid was
only available with this playset-Playskool, ca. 1986

Item # 5461-Potato Head Kids Lite Brite Refill Pack-Hasbro , ca. 1986

    The 1986 Milton Bradley Potato Heads Kids game had the same basic goal as earlier games featuring the Potato Heads. In this board game version, kids rushed to be the first to collect all the parts for their Potato Head Kid. The 1960s and 1970s versions of these Potato Head games contained real Potato Head toys. Sadly, this version only included plastic "puzzle" versions of the characters.

Item # 4604-Potato Head Kids Game-Milton Bradley , ca. 1986
    Other hard to locate items from the 1980s include the Ben Cooper Potato Head Kids Halloween costumes. These child's costumes feature the standard Ben Cooper plastic mask, and a colorful vinyl costume.

Item # 812-Big Chip Potato Head Kid costume-Ben Cooper, ca. 1986


    At least a dozen of the 1980s cartoon adventures of the Potato Head Kids were released as video collections by Family Home Entertainment. Each cassette includes 4 cartoons, such as The Great Candy Caper, Potato Olympics and One Potato Zoo Potato. The individual cartoon The Case of the Fouled Up Pharaoh can be seen on the 1986 harder to find My Little Pony and Friends videos by Sunbow Entertainment.

Potato Head Kids videos Vol. 1,2 & 3-Family Home Entertainment, ca. 1986

Potato Head Kids video from Germany, ca. 1986
Potato Head Kids video from United Kingdom-Tempo Video, ca. 1986
Potato Head Kids video from United Kingdom, ca. 1986
Potato Head Kids video from China, ca. 1989


My Little Pony and Friends video-Hasbro/Sunbow Productions, ca. 1987

    Beginning in 1987, the My Little Pony and Friends magazine hit newsstands in England. Each issue featured Potato Head Kids comic stories and games. Interestingly, in these comics, Duke the policeman is named Gus the Sheriff!

My Little Pony and Friends Comic magazine published by London Editions Magazines, ca. 1987