Mr. Potato Head
Movie Tie-Ins

In conjunction with the release of the 3rd Star Wars prequel, Hasbro released what was to become one of the most popular Spuds to date...Darth Tater. This Star wars themed figure is appreciated by Potato Head fans and Star Wars fans alike. It inspired several licensed items like pins, keychains, and shirts. There's even a video on the internet of people skydiving while assembling a Darth Tater!

Item # 02338-Darth Tator-Hasbro-2005

2 different mini Darth Tator keychains, ca 2005

Darth Tator pin, ca 2005

After the popularity of Darth, Hasbro released the next installment in the Star Wars Tator series..the Spud Trooper.

Spud Trooper, Hasbro ca. 2005

Spud Trooper Pin, ca. 2007

Collector Tin with Darth Tater & Spudtrooper-Hasbro, ca 2006
(Darth chest plate exclusive to this set)

After the release of the Spud Trooper, no one knew at the time if Hasbro would continue making Star Wars themed Potato Heads. There were certainly plenty of characters still left to do. Luckily, Hasbro didn't dissapoint. For 2006, Mr. Potato Head got to be a good guy with the release of R2P2, the Potato Head droid.

R2P2, the Potato Head droid- Hasbro, ca. 2006

R2P2 Pin, ca. 2007

Collectors were blown away in late 2007 with an unexpected Potato Head Star Wars tie-in. Hasbro released 5 new Star Wars spuds at the same time!
They were Disney exclusive items and were sold, to begin with, only at the Star Tours attraction gift shops in the Disney theme parks.

Darth Mash-Hasbro, ca. 2007

Spuda Fett-Hasbro, ca. 2007

Luke Frywalker-Hasbro, ca. 2007

Princess Tator-Hasbro, ca. 2007
Yam Solo-Hasbro, ca. 2007

Each Star Tours Spud came in a new black box

Star Wars is the only movie that has had it's characters spudified. The Spiderman movies and the Transformers movie
have both had Potato Head tie-ins. Hasbro gave us limited edition versions of everybodies favorite comic spider, and an Optimus Prime version, both in 2007.

Limited Edition Spidey Spud-Spiderman 3 Movie Tie In, Hasbro, ca 2007

Collectors Edition Spider Spud set with good red Spidey and evil black Spidey- Hasbro, ca. 2007

Limited Edition Optimash Prime-Transformers Movie Tie In, Hasbro, ca 2007

The 2008 release of  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull make a return of a favorite movie icon after a 19 year hiatus. The release of the movie also marked the release of a long over due movie tie in...the Taters of the Lost Ark Potato Head! This collectors item spud features a faux leather jacket, whip, and a hat that plays the Raiders March. What more can be said, it became an instant classic!
Taters of the Lost Ark Potato Head-Playskool, ca. 2008