Mr. Potato Head and Disney

    Since the Toy Story Movies, Disney and Mr. Potato Head have been inseparable. In honor of this relationship, Disney and  Hasbro teamed up in 2002 to open the ultimate place for kids. Once Upon A Toy officially opened it's doors Aug. 1, 2002, at Downtown Disney Marketplace in Orlando.
    Along with many Hasbro favorites re-issued in Disney themes and many Disney exclusive toys, there's a Mr. Potato Head like you've never seen. Dozens of potato parts, many Disney exclusives, can be selected among to create your own unique Mr. Potato Head. You can choose to outfit your Potato in traditional Disney attire and even provide him with signature Disney souvenirs!
    Computer screens let you pick which parts you want. A photo of the finished product is printed on a card, then you fill your box with the parts you picked!
    Since the opening of this store, the Disney exclusive parts have been made available in several Disney World Hotel giftshops, as well as Disneyland, California Adventure, Disney World in Paris and others.

Once Upon A Toy, Orlando

Euro Disney   

World of Disney, New York
(photo by Jeff Lange)

World of Disney, New York

Disney California Adventure theme park

Potato Head parts display in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

 The Disney exclusive parts are themed to different Disney movies, characters or parks. These accessories, some of the coolest to date, are sold exclusively at shops located on Disney resort properties.

The first series of parts from 2002 was originally sold only at the Once Upon a Toy store at the Disney World resort. They are:
-Mickey hat with ears
-Sorcerer's hat with ears
-Fireman hat (yellow version)
-Breathing mask
-Mickey glasses
-Camera with Mickey shaped lens
-Mickey Mouse balloon
-Autograph book
-Mickey ice cream bar
-Bare feet with Mickey Mouse flip-flops
-Blue sneakers with Mickey logo on the side
-New arms designed to hold objects

-Teacup Ride base.

Disney Potato Head parts-series 1

When the second series was released in 2004, they and the first series parts were available at both U.S. Disney resorts in Orlando and California. They are:
- Safari helmet with Mickey ears

-Princess hat with Minnie ears
-Bride veil with Minnie ears
-Groom top hat with Mickey ears
-Santa cap with Mickey ears
-Mad Hatter top hat
-Goofy hat with ears
-Minnie Mouse bow
-Princess Crown with jewels
-Davy Crockett style coon skin cap
-Mickey's classic yellow shoes

-Glass Slippers
-Buzz Lightyear Spaceship base
-Mickey clock (fits in hand)

-Brown suitcase with Disneyland logo on one side and WDW logo on the other (and it really opens!)
-"Rock n Roller Coaster" guitar
-Yellow "Tinkerbell" style star wand (fits in hand)
-WDW/DL Ticket (clips to arm)
-Red official WDW cast member name badge that says "Potato Head" (clips to arm)
-Buzz Lightyear Ray Gun
(fits in hand)
-Christmas Tree (fits in hand)
-Teddy Bear
-Rain Poncho
-Mickey Mouse style gloves
-Dumbo Ride

Disney Potato Head parts-series 2

    In October 2004, Disney opened a whole new retail adventure in New York City. The World of Disney ...
At the opening of the store, 10 exclusive new New York themed parts were released.
As far as I have been able to find out, these parts are only available from this one location. They are:

-New York Fireman helmet
-NYPD hat
-World of Disney ball cap
-World of Disney shopping bag
-Statue of Liberty crown
-Statue of Liberty torch
-Sunglasses w/ Empire State Building reflection
-Slice of pizza w/ Mickey shaped pepperoni
-Subway map
-Mickey shaped pretzel

Disney Potato Head Parts-Series 3

Series 4 of the Disney exclusive parts was released in Summer of 2005. They include:

-A Donald Duck faced cap
-Donald Duck bill
-Donald Duck blue hat
-Goofy face hat
-Disney cruise ship hat w/ Mickey ears
-Minnie Mouse red hat w/ flower
-Ariel hair
-Ariel tail base
-Tinkerbell Hair
-Tinkerbell shoes
-Tinkerbell wings
-Mickey Mouse doll
-Glass slipper on pillow
-Pirate patch eyes
-Pin collecting lanyard
-Soda cup
-Mickey  Mouise shaped Halloween bucket
-50th Anniversary golden Mickey Ears

Disney Potato Head Parts - Series 4

50th Anniversary golden Mickey Ears

Series 5 of the Disney exclusive parts was released in Summer of 2006. They include:

-Peter Pan hat
-Peter Pan shoes
-Tinkerbell lantern
-Cruella DeVil hair
-Cruella DeVil arms (red)
-Cruella DeVil purse
-Cruella DeVil shoes
-Cinderella hair
-Incredibles nose/eyes
-Incredibles arms (red w/ black hands)
-Incredibles pants
-Incredibles boots
-Maleficent hat
-Maleficent wand
-Buzz Lightyear pants
-Buzz Lightyear boots
-Stitch surfboard
-Pirates of the Carribean captain hat
-Pirates of the Carribean parrot
-Pirate head scarf
-Pirate Boots
-Chef Mickey hat
-Dumbo ears
-Mary Poppins hat
-Mary Poppins umbrella
-Minnie Mouse shoes
-Mickey Mouse cookie sheet

Disney Potato Head Parts - Series 5

Year of a Million Dreams Mickey Ears Hat


Me and Mr. Potato Head at Once Upon A Toy store in Downtown Disney, Orlando Florida,
and at the Pop Century Resort

    The box shown below on the left was used by customers to carry home their custom created versions of Mr. Potato Head. Once Upon a Toy replaced it with the Disney version on the right. A third version is now available with clear "window" sides. The box for the New York store is identical, except the blue was switched to red.

Mr. Potato Head Disney World Exclusive (One Version) -Hasbro, ca. 2002

If you don't want to create your own Disney Potato Head, there are prepackaged ones available.

Item 10156-Mr. Potato Head Disney World Exclusive -Hasbro, ca. 2002

    Hasbro recycled some old 1990's parts in new 2002 boxes and came up with two more Disney exclusive
themed sets...the Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate and the Frontier land Cowboy. These sets are similar to the 1970's accessories sets which included the extra parts, but no potato. (The Pirate hat in the box is actually missing the skull and bones pictured on the box and that the 1990s Pirate Potato Head included.)

Item 6646-Mr. Potato Disney Exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean Parts Set-Hasbro, ca. 2002
Item 6695-Mr. Potato Disney Exclusive  Frontier land Parts Set-Hasbro, ca. 2002

Mr. Potato Head Chaser Light-Disney Exclusive, ca. 2002
Mr. Potato Head Key chain -new soft squeezable foam body
and Disney exclusive design!-Basic Fun, ca 2002

Mr. Potato Head items on shelf at Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney.(left)
Working Ferris Wheel display in front window of Once Upon A Toy.(right) There is also a mural inside of Gepetto's toy shop,
and Mr. Potato Head is hidden on the shelf in the mural!

Mr. Potato Head in a permanant store front display in Downstown Disney in Orlando

All of the "cast members" at Once Upon A Toy wear a work apron featuring a vinyl Mr. Potato Head.

   Perhaps the coolest item at Once Upon A Toy was the exclusive Walt Disney World/Franklin Mint Solid Bronze Mr. Potato Head. All the parts of this actual size collectible are cast in bronze. When they were released in 2003, they had to be ordered (for almost $200!) and were individually cast and shipped to the buyer.  Sadly, this item is no longer made.

Walt Disney World Solid Bronze Mr. Potato Head-Franklin Mint, ca 2003

    In 2004, the Disney resorts became an outlet for Mr. Potato Head parts that were used in previous exclusive sets. The parts from the 2002 Walmart exclusive sets were bagged and sold at Walt Disney parks. These bags are a great way to add these rare pieces to your collection if you missed them in 2002. They are not sold anywhere else.

Item # 7249-Disney Resort bagged parts -Surfer and Birthday, Easter and Halloween, Santa-2004

Mr. Potato Head glasses, Disney exclusive, ca. 2007
(Thanks to Shawn for the picture!)

In 2007, the Once Upon A Toy added the large Mr. Potato Head body containers to their inventory. Customers could fill this extra
large container with exclusive Disney parts for around $50.

The Disney resorts were the exclusive distributors of several new Star Wars Potato Heads. Shown above is one of the displays 
in Disney Studios park in Orlando. All of the characters can be seen on the Movie Tie page.