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Potato Head Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Potato Head worth?
I usually don't answer emails pertaining to value of a potato head. I have vintage rare pieces that I paid hundreds for...that are worthless to my friends. It's really up to the individual what something is worth. I can however answer questions about rarity of an item, because I have watched Potato Head items being produced, bought and sold for over a decade.  If you want to sell an item to me, or want to know how rare an item is, than by all means contact me. Otherwise, the Ebay "completed items" section is a great place to track sales and price trends. Remember, Hasbro has sold MILLIONS of Potato Heads almost every year, even the early years. So old doesn't always mean rare and expensive. The most sought after Potato Head items are usually the exclusives that were produced in small or limited quantities. (Just like any other collectible.) If it was made by Playskool or Hasbro, they usually made tons of them and supply isn't limited. Some of the licensed items are rare and hard to find, and may be more valuable.

Where can I get a bride and groom Potato Head for my wedding cake?
There are no true "bride and groom" Potato Heads to speak of as of yet. There was a couple of plush toys in the 1990's made by Nanco, but they aren't sold anymore...and were really kind of goofy looking. Disney does sell some exclusive parts that can make a decent looking bride and groom, if you want to make your own (seen here). They are sold at Theme parks, on Ebay, and at the Laughing place store online. I have seen more than one seller on Ebay from time to time make custom Potato Head cake toppers from some of the small fast food premiums.

Where can I buy Mr. Potato Head party goods?
There are no Mr. Potato Head party supplies on the market at this time. 

I'm new to collecting. Where can I buy Mr. Potato Head items?

If you search for "Potato Head" on Yahoo shopping, or Google's Froogle site, most of the current items on the market will come up. In the past Walmart and Target have been the biggest retailers for exclusive items, both of which have had unique Potato Head toys recently that couldn't be found elsewhere. And Sam's and Costco have both also had exclusive Potato Heads in recent years.  Try their stores and websites. KayBee toys usually has a good selection, and Toys R Us has a modest selection. Surprisingly, closeout stores like Fred's, Big Lots, Family Dollar and others sometimes have items that you don't see a lot. Ebay is a great place to find old and new Potato Head items. There are 500-1000 items listed there on average every day. Hint: Be creative in your spelling, people spell Potato Head a lot of different ways! Also, when something NEW shows up on ebay, try to search for it on the internet or in local stores first. You can sometimes get them cheaper.
If it's on my website, and it wasn't released in the last 2-3 years, it's probably NOT on the market anymore. Hasbro and Playskool have exploded in recent years with Potato Head sets and licensed items. However with so many new items, the norm is that these pieces don't stay on the market for more than a year or two.  Anything older than that will probably have to found on Ebay or at estate and garage sales.

Do you have a list of the Disney exclusive Potato Head pieces and parts?
Yes, I have lists of all of the Disney exclusive parts series Here.

Where can I get replacement parts for my Potato Head?

If you have an older set (pre-1995), email me and I might have a replacement part that you need. For anything made in the last 10 years,  you can also try the Hasbro Toy and Game Replacement Parts website. They sell parts for almost any Hasbro toy, including Mr. Potato Head.

Are there any Potato Head groups or clubs?
There is a Yahoo group dedicated to all thing Mr. Potato Head. This community of collectors is a good place to connect with others that share our passion for the Spud Man.

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