Fakes & Foreigners

Trash Can Man- garbage can shaped head with interchangeable parts. The extra pieces store
inside can (The mouth in picture is not from this set.) -Kusan Inc., ca. 1970’s

 (right) Peter Pan Toys of England version of the same toy, named "Dusty Bin".

Item # 303-Bert & Ernie Make A Fun Face-This toy is actually  one head with 2 different sides.
Face pieces are removable and also interchangeable- Playskool, ca. 1992

Monster Face-This gross variation on Mr. Potato Head has a skull head and disgusting parts to attach.
Parts include  worms, tongues, ears, noses, and teeth. His lower jaw moves as well
as his eyes-Hasbro, ca. 1992

Super Fun Dough Activity Box-Contains molding dough and pieces very similiar to Mr. Potato parts.
Kids make character bodies out of the Fun Dough and push in the face pieces-Rose Art, ca. 1997

Another version of essentially the same toy   

Another example of play dough and funny faces

Item # 703-Fisher Price Crazy Clay Characters set-Plastic container with molded circus scenes.
Make a body with the clay, then use the feet, hands, eyes and other parts to
make clowns and elephants- Fisher Price, ca. 1980

Item # 2592-Soft Stuff Characters-Use any modeling dough to make a body, they insert
these funny features-Early Learning Centre of England, ca. 1990s 

Crayola Model Magic Character Creator- 3 bags of Model Magic clay and 21 plastic character pieces
in a clear tote bag-Binney & Smith, ca. 2001  

Funny Mooners playset-This toy contains 4 odd shaped styrofoam bodies plus wild & crazy
assortment of accessories for creating monsters & creatures as pictured on the box.
Notice that some of these pieces are exact duplicates of some of the parts from the 1960’s Hasbro
Potato Head sets. (Arms are from the Circus strongman, mouth from the moon alien etc.)-Hasbro, ca. 1966

Item # 350N-Mr. Magnet Man. It's very much like Mr. Potato Head except you use a can and
magnetic facial parts and accessories. (Invented by George Lerner & Julius Ellman...the same
people that invented Mr. Potato Head!) Romper Room, ca. 1970

Oddkins-Like Mr. Potato Head, but with Play-Doh

Stand for holding potato in the Microwave, shaped like Mr. Potato Head feet.

This is a toy that was designed by Philip Starck, a world famous designer, mainly of furniture. 
It was a giveaway with one of his design books, ca. 2003