With the release of Toy Story in 1995, Burger King began what was to become a long relationship
with Mr. Potato Head. They offered a whole set of character toys based on the movie, including a
small wind-up Mr. Potato Head.  Crank his right ear around and he hops like french fries in a hot skillet!

Mr. Potato Head wind-up toy-Burger King , ca. 1996
Mr. Potato Head french fry box and cup-Burger King, ca 1995

    In December 1998, Burger King restaurants introduced brand new french fries with a fresh new taste. In a media blitz, they took aim at McDonald’s fries and invited people to taste and compare their fries to the ones from the golden arches. To add even more “appeal” to the campaign, they brought in the heavyweight... someone who really knew his spuds...Mr. Potato Head. Burger King even hit the road in the “Fry Mobile” for the "Decision '98: Try The Fry, America" tour. The Fry Mobile was a custom-built 48-foot tractor-trailer that was, among other things, covered inside and out with graphics of the Burger King logo and pictures of Mr. Potato Head.

    As their official spokes spud for the new fries, Mr. Potato Head appeared in claymation commercials, on store signs, posters, tray liners, bags, and the most collectible...as new Kids Meal toys. The five new toys were: Fry Flyer, Mr. Potato Head Speedster, Hats off Mr. Potato Head, Basket Shooter Mr. Potato Head, and Spinning Spud.

(left to right)
Basket Shooter, ca. 1998.
Mr. Potato Head Speedster, ca. 1998.
Fry Flyer, ca. 1998.

Spinning Spud, ca. 1998.
Hats Off Mr. Potato Head, ca. 1998.

Kid’s Meal inserts for the 1998 release of Burger King Mr. Potato Head toys.

In Store signs from the 1998 Burger King french fry promotion.

Paper Mr. Potato Head Placemat