The limited edition Toy Story Mr. Potato Head came in a box the same size as the Santa Spud, Tool Belt Tator, and the other eairlier limited edition sets. However, the  eyes with brown eyelids are the only part that is exclusive to this set. (These same eyes were included in the Mr. Potato Head Bucket sets, but the lids were not brown.)

Item # 2260-Toy Story Limited Edition Mr. Potato Head-Playskool, ca. 1995
Item # 2260-Toy Story Limited Edition Mr. Potato Head-(Canada box) Playskool, ca. 1995

Mr. Potato Head with UK 2003 release box-Playskool International, ca. 2003

    The Soft Stuff Mr. Potato Head returned in 1996 with a Toy Story version. The toy included a plush Derby,  and the other face pieces seen most often on the movie Potato. Unlike the green feet of the earlier Soft Stuff Mr. Potato Head, this version has blue feet.

Item # 27140-Soft Stuff Toy Story Mr. Potato Head-Disney, ca. 1996

    Another Toy Story exclusive item that was licensed by Disney is the large 18 inch pillow type Mr. Potato Head. He’s made of smooth  polyester materials, with soft stuffing, and soft non-removable plush moustache and velour eyes.

Mr. Potato Head Pillow Toy-Play-by-Play Toys and Novelties Inc.,  ca 1996

   With the release of Toy Story in 1995, Burger King began what was to become a long relationship with Mr. Potato Head. They offered a whole set of character toys based on the movie, including a small wind-up Mr. Potato Head.  Crank his right ear around and he hops like french fries in a hot skillet!

Mr. Potato Head wind-up toy-Burger King , ca. 1996
Mr. Potato Head french fry box and cup-Burger King, ca 1995

Mr. Potato Head Toy Story ornament (3rd from left)-Disney/Pixar, ca. 1996