Mr. Potato Head
Sightings Around The World

-Mr. Potato Head statue at Hasbro Headquarters in Rhode Island

-A computer game called Mr. Potato Head once spread a computer virus across the world.
The game was passed out at a Macintosh users meeting, unknowingly infected with the “peace” virus.

-Speaking of Computers, there are several web sites that offer custom
Mr. Potato Head themed cursors for your computer!

-The nearly invisible water mark on official Hasbro company checks is none other than Mr. Potato  Head!
In fact, Mr. Potato Head is the official spokespud for the company and appears on many
internal company documents.

-How about a larger than life version of Mr. Potato Head? Actually, you can't buy this large parade balloon,
but that’s probably just as well. Where in the world would you display it? Kemp Balloons debuted
this parade giant in Idaho in 1998. It takes at least a dozen handlers to keep him rooted!

-The next Potato Head to be fashioned by Kemp Balloons came a few years later. Mrs. Potato Head
joined her famous husband on the national parade scene!

The 43 foot Healthy Mr. Potato Head balloon is licenced by the United States Potato Board.
He made his first appearance in the 2005 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
Among his handlers that day were several potato farmers from around the country.

Click HERE to see more Healthy Mr. Potato Head items.

-Big Air Productions, a leading manufacturer of cold air promotional inflatable, also honored
the Spud with their own version of a Mr. Potato Head balloon. This ground based
giant potato is designed to be rented to attract attention at special promotional events.

-The Mr. Potato Head Hot Air Balloon is owned and operated by Sunsational SkySports, Inc.
The balloon made his flying debut in June of 2001! The balloon stands 100 feet tall
and weighs almost 600 pounds. 

-Large Mr. Potato Head trade show display balloon 

-Carnival type inflatable game 

-Advertising balloon for Mr. Potatoheads Chips in England

-The city of  Barnesville, Minnesota is home to the annual Potato Days festival.
Among the activities is a competition for the title of Mr. Potato Head! In addition to the look alike category,
participants are judged in three categories:  talent, beauty and intelligence. 

-Kellie Johnson, president of ACE Clearwater Enterprises, uses a Mr. Potato Head to illustrate
the importance of design during tours of her factory.


-Here’s a secret not listed in the instructions for the Nintendo 64 Monopoly game.
If you enter "Potato" in as the user name on the moneybag token, you will become the Mr. Potato Head token!

-Speaking of art... Henry Lee Lucas, one of Texas’ most notorious criminals, has a connection
to Mr. Potato Head. He drew several very famous ink drawings of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head while in prison.

-The Hyde Park Bar & Grill in Austin Texas has a huge fork out front of the parking lot.
Artist Dale Whistler has accented it over the past eleven years with all kinds of accessories. During the
holidays, he once add a Turkey to it. But the best I think has been the Potato Head
he stuck on the fork in March 1999!

-Mr. Potato Head has been seen hanging out in the big easy, literally!
A New Orleans T-shirt vendor cashed in on Mr. Potato Head's popularity during that city's Jazz Fest one year.
The vendor mounted a huge Potato Head on top of his T-shirt booth. Unfortunately, no Potato Head T-shirts
were being sold in his booth.

-Item # 2131-Mr. Potato Head Car coin operated ride-Kiddie Rides USA, ca. 1998

-Mr. Potato Head displayed at Disney MGM Studios in Orlando. 

-Mr. Potato Head in a parade at Disney MGM Studios in Orlando. 

-12 foot Mr. Potato Head on display at The Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati. It is made out of 6,200 cans with
interchangeable foam face parts.

-2006 Vancouver "Canstruction" Exhibition 

Another Can Mr. Potato Head

-This is a 25 inch hard styrofoam Mr. Potato Head store display! 

-A Mr. Potato Head on a mini golf course


(tattoo by Andrew Little-Traer, Iowa)
-Mr. Potato Head Tattoos.

-If you turn Mr. Potato Head's body sideways and stick his feet into his ear hole, and you’ll have the shape
that actually inspired the designers of the 1999 Phillips USB Desktop Video Computer Camera!

-Kevin McGrath is a writing coach at The Wichita Eagle in Kansas. He developed a "Mr. Potato Head"
technique to teach reporters how to improve their stories. The technique involves visualizing each
part of the Potato Head, and then writing how each piece would interpret the story. For example,
how would the eyes see the story, how would the ears hear the story etc.

-Jones Soda is a unique drink produced by Seattle based Urban Juice & Soda Company.
The multi- flavored drink is sold with hundreds of different labels, most which are photos
taken by their customers. And at least once, Mr. Potato Head has graced the drink label!

-Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield,  began publishing the Mr. Potato Head comic strip on July 16, 2001.
The world wide distributed newspaper strip focuses on the antics of Mr. Potato Head's everyday
life both at home with his family (Mrs. Potato Head and their children,
Julienne and Chip) and at his "day job" as a Vice President of Toy Testing.

-The Flagship Toy 'R Us store opened in 2001 in New York City's Time Square. The 60 foot Ferris Wheel inside
features passenger compartments in the shape of classic of which is a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head theme! 

Speaking of New York , The Spidey Spud was seen roaming around the city during Toy Fair 2007, just before the release of the toy.



-These photos are of a few of my Potato Head toys on display. They were on loan
to the Museum of Art in Gadsden Alabama for a December 2002 exhibit of antique toys. 

Temporary display of Mr. Potato Heads at a library.

-Mr. Potato Head Disney 10 Pound Note 

-Large Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head statues are part of the decor at the Disney Pop Culture Resort that opened in Orlando in 2004.
The resort is divided into different decades with icons from each era decorating the hotel and landscape.  The Potato Heads are in the 1980's section.


-Mr. Potato Head as he appears in the Disneyland show "Hamm's All Doll Revue".
Figures are costumes with actors inside.

-Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head in Disney on Ice show
-A building size billboard in New Zealand

-Kitsch'n is a pop-culture style restaurant in Chicago. While waiting for your meal, you can play with a Mr. Potato Head!


-Art Cars and Parade Cars  featuring Mr. Potato Head!

-Advertisement featuring Potato Heads for
the San Bernardino County Museum.

-Banner made by children at Barnhill Memorial School in Canada

This is Mr. Potato Head designed beehive on Route 17, Gloucester.
(Photo by: John H. Sheally II/Virginian-Pilot) 

A 3-foot Concrete Mr. Potato Head lawn ornament by The Concrete Lady in Southern Indiana. (removable face pieces!)

If you go boating on the Snake River in Hells Canyon between Idaho and Oregon , look up. This is a famous rock formation they call "Potato Head playing the piano"

Potato Head Christmas Light Display in Jones Beach

Cool Display Potato Head...don't know where it is

Potato Head painted on an Army vehicle

Potato Head painted on the Berlin Wall!