Closed or open – Which office design is best?

Those who wanted their dream jobs, they also wanted to have the best office. You will be surprised to know that the design and look of the office plays a very important role in the productivity of an employee. It is tested and proven thing that if you are in a nice looking office, you will automatically want to go to your office and spend more time there and if your office is boring, then you will hate Mondays and you will always be waiting for the clock to hit five or six, so that you can leave for home.

How many types of office designs are there?

There are many types of office designs and fitout companies in Dubai are generating more and more ideas about office layouts with each passing day. But there are basic ones as well and that are; a) closed offices b) open offices. There are different reasons of choosing either of one. If you have opened a company and you want your employees to be productive and happy then we suggest that you give them a good office so, click now to see the difference between these offices.

Closed Offices

This is the type of office where you have to design it in a cubical structure. In this way, the employees will have more privacy and everyone will have their own cabin. These are type of offices where the target of employees and ideas of employees need to be hidden from each other. There are more benefits of using such design.

Personalization: here, it shows comfort level and everyone needs their own space – like you can scratch anywhere.

Privacy: since you can scratch anywhere, it means you will have max privacy.

Lack of Contact: with this design, you will be focusing on your work only.

Cost: it can start from cheap to expensive.

Open Offices

It is also called as an open plan, here, the offices will have no boundaries and following are the benefits of it.

Fast Communication: you can easily talk with each other.

  • Teamwork: one can work as a team and work together.
  • Cost: it is cheaper than closed office design.
  • Noisy: it can get very noise and can get hard to focus.

With all of this information at hand, you can easily choose the right office design for your workspace!