How to find a good legal translation service in Dubai

There are many companies that offer legal translation service in Dubai. However, how to find a good one? In order to provide you with answers to your queries, we have taken the liberty of personally doing a background check on each of the companies we come across. We have also asked each of the companies for references from their past and current clients, so that we could gauge their professionalism and performance in terms of service and response time.

If truth be told, finding a trusted provider of legal translations is not something that comes easy. Considering the sensitivity of the documents, it is best to hire a translation service that is highly reputed.

Your first step in this direction is to choose a company that has been duly registered. The registration will ensure that the company complies with all the laws and regulations imposed by the government. The next step is to choose a company that is reputed and has received positive feedback from previous customers. The Dubai Authority in Foreign Trade (DAFT) regulates all foreign translations involving the Arabic language.

When choosing a company especially for e-commerce localization services, ask about their years in the business. An industry leader in the field will be a company that has been in operation for many years. You should also make sure that the company hires translators who are native speakers of the languages you are translating. Hiring staff who do not speak your primary language can lead to misinterpretations that may result in costly mistakes. Finally, it is important that the company has received certification from the Dubai Ministry of Commerce and Trade.

Once you have decided to hire a translation company to provide you with translations, you should ask for a list of references. It is essential to talk to people who have used their services before. When you are in a situation where you are having a legal document translated, confidentiality is of paramount importance. Ask for a list of clients that have used the company’s services and make sure that you are able to confirm their integrity.