How to use excel

Excel is a great application to work with as it will help you in completing your work in less time and you can get a lot of calculation in just putting few formulas in that. There will be no need to do a lot of steps for each calculation or problem because excel will be there to help you and it will provide you exact same answer which you get while doing all steps manually but you save a lot of time in using excel. You can go for the advanced excel training courses in Dubai when you are pursuing this as your career and especially when you are going to work in a company with bigger setup and more clients. These courses will help you understanding excel better and also you will get the certificate that will help you in getting the job in this field. You can also go for the logistics and supply chain management training in Dubai to get the job in the warehouse of any bigger company as they will never hire any person without having relevant knowledge. Here is simple guides to use excel for your work:

First thing is that you have to know about how to make charts and tables in excel because it is the most basic thing and you have to use that a lot. When you need to put data in to a table and when you have to arrange the supply and stock lists then these tables will help you a lot as there will be the record in proper manner and you can track that anytime when you need that data.

Second thing is that you have to know about the excel formulas which are the main thing and benefit of using excel. When you are using these formulas then the work which you can complete in 30 minutes while doing manually will be done in 10 minutes and these are just the estimated numbers and you can save more time than that when you use the formulas correctly and efficiently. While using the formulas you have to make sure that you are using them in the correct manner as there will be many formulas that look similar to others with small difference and you have to use them carefully otherwise your work will be ruined completely.