What are the advantages of using car parking shades?

Car parking shades are structures that are designed to provide shade for the vehicle from direct sunlight while it is parked on a parking surface. These car parking can be fixed or portable depending upon the type of structure required. Portable structures can either be fixed or removable. Fixed structures are permanently installed on a car park and are best suited for residential areas.

PVC is an excellent fabric used for the car parking shades as well as other commercial purposes. There are lots of advantages for this particular fabric, including UV resistance, water resistance, durability, and so on. The fabric is also 100% UV resistant and thus can withstand harsh sun rays. It is very hard to spot a sun damaged car parked in a sunny climate because such a car would be completely destroyed. This fabric also does not absorb or give up moisture, which means that there is no chance of mold, mildew or rotting in these types of climates.

All the advantages mentioned above and many more should be reason enough to make use of a urethane-based car parking shades. However, there are two major types of fabric that are available in the market by car parking shades suppliers in UAE and these include vinyl and polyvinyl chloride. Both these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl has a very neat and contemporary look, which makes it very popular for modern homes. However, it tends to fade over time and loses its original color due to constant exposure to sun.

Polyvinyl chloride is a much heavier fabric that is extremely durable and waterproof and is used by car parking shades suppliers in Abu Dhabi. This fabric has an open height, which means that the sunshade opens up fully when the car is parked on a sunny window. However, this open height often results in some shade being lost, as the fabric is quite heavy, and the sunlight gets directly into the car park shade. This may result in fading of the fabric over time.

In case of both the aforementioned two fabrics, they offer a convenient and easy way to decorate the exterior of your car. The polyvinyl chloride material is usually used to make awnings and window shades. They are also used extensively to make car parking shades, thus making it possible to decorate more than one car at a time. It is very simple to install, and does not require any complicated welding skills. Another plus point of these shades is that they do not collect dust, which is common with many vinyl or polyvinyl chloride fabrics.