What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of work which is done to improve your teeth appearance and the texture of the gums. Its main focus is to enhance the look of your by teeth by working on its size, arrangement color and shape.

Your teeth plays an important role in chewing the food but other than chewing the food, they are also visible when you smile, if your teeth are broken, not aligned and yellowish in color then you can’t look good while smiling and it doesn’t give a good expression. People pay a visit a to dentist for the checkup of their teeth and if they have some oral health issues but when you visit the cosmetic dentist then it means you want to enhance the look of your teeth by giving it a shape and you can get your new teeth as well, if your previous one are broken.

The term cosmetic dentistry might be new for some of you but if you are interested in knowing more cosmetic dentistry, you should keep reading this article. As this article, will help you know the kinds of cosmetic dentistry as a lot of people don’t know about the kinds of cosmetic dentistry so we’ll give a little detail about each kind.

Kinds of cosmetic dentistry

  • Crowns: This type of cosmetic dentistry offers putting a cap over the broken, decayed or worn teeth. Crowns are made of acrylic.
  • Fillings: it could be done for the replacement of broken of rotten teeth.
  • Veneers: This type of cosmetic dentistry is done to make your teeth look like your original teeth. People who have gap between their teeth, people who have stained teeth or they might have crooked teeth so people facing the above problems will go for Veneer treatment.
  • Whitening: it’s done to make your teeth look clean and shiny. It could be done on the teeth which are yellowish and a lot of people get their teeth white now.

There are tutorials which might tell you how to make your teeth straight at home without braces but you shouldn’t attempt this thing at home. Trying to have straight teeth without braces has some side effects. There are many kinds of braces which are helpful in treating different problems like gaps between the teeth, misaligned teeth etc.  You can also get clear aligners Dubai.